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We can dance it

Which feminists fights in social dancing ?

An article about women's rights day and the feminists fights of social dancing
Marsinne - Photo : Samuel Lagneau

Mazurtango and romantic folk

A short summary of the birth of the bal folk mazurka dance, it's evolutions in bal folk festivals and the arrival of tango
Unsplash - Kyson Dana

Engage your body into the dance

When we talk about dancing, we come up with various subjects like social relations, fun, musicality, pulse, variations, spins, good or bad dancers, connection, leading, following… And from time to time, there is a person saying “dancing changed my way of holding myself and my confidence, made me think about
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Why I want to try every dance

If you want to start something else but you don't know what, prepare yourself, I have A LOT of ideas. I started to dance 9 years ago and I couldn’t stop. I tried a lot of different dances, as a follower and as a leader, and even now when I
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Why tango dancers always make such a long face

The question always end up when I pronounce the word « tango » in front of uninitiated persons « but why do tango dancers always make such a long face when they dance ? It is not a very friendly scene, isn’t it ? » I thought a lot about
Dana Jazmin Frigoli & Adrian Romeo Ferreyra

[Tango Video] Dana Frigoli & Adrian Ferreyra

As i spend too much time on youtube, i always find some amazing videos of people dancing. I'll try to explain what captivates me in that video. Let’s talk about one of my favourite tango video. Even if usually, i would prefer improvisation to routines, because it feels more natural and spontaneous, in