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Les arcanes du forrò pour les folkeux

D'où vient le forrò ? Pourquoi en trouve-t-on de plus en plus en bal folk ? Comment ça se danse ? Mais au fait c'est où le Brésil ? Voilà, on va faire le tour !
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Engager son corps dans la danse

Quand nous parlons de danse, très vite nous avons tendance à parler relations sociales, fun, musicalité, rythmique, passes, connexion, bons et mauvais danseurs, théories sur comment guider et suivre efficacement… Et de temps en temps, quelqu'un va dire “ Danser a changé ma perception au corps. Ça a influencé ma
Unsplash - Kyson Dana

Engage your body into the dance

When we talk about dancing, we come up with various subjects like social relations, fun, musicality, pulse, variations, spins, good or bad dancers, connection, leading, following… And from time to time, there is a person saying “dancing changed my way of holding myself and my confidence, made me think about
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Why I want to try every dance

If you want to start something else but you don't know what, prepare yourself, I have A LOT of ideas. I started to dance 9 years ago and I couldn’t stop. I tried a lot of different dances, as a follower and as a leader, and even now when I
Prepare for festival Andancas

Prepare for festival Andancas

August 2015, after a short visit of Lisbon, I am on my way to an amazing dance festival in the mountains : Andancas. In the hotness of Portugal countryside lies a multidanse/multi activities festival lasting a week and full of hippie like people, ready to party. How to go there I

Festivals : Dance and visit Europe

I often take days off from work for long weekends. My colleagues are asking “what are you doing for the week end?” and the answer is often “on my way to dance in Belgium / Netherland / Portugal / England / Ireland/ somewhere lost in France”. Quite difficult for some