Dance festivals

As Queer As Folk - Chloé Sutter

Immersion in a feminist bal folk

Some feminist talks, workshops, dancing and glitters !
As Queer As Folk - Chloé Sutter

Immersion en festival de danse féministe

Des discussions, des ateliers, de la danse, et des paillettes !
Le Grand Bal, un film de Laetitia Carton

It’s the story of a ball, a big ball

It was on july 5th, the preview of Lætitia Carton's movie Le Grand Bal, in the small Luminor, cosy movie theater in the Marais, historical neighbourhood of Paris. It was followed by an amazing streetball organised by Paris Bal Folk, featuring Aurélien Clarambaux and Tony & The Sof. The screening was sold out,
Le Grand Bal, un film de Laetitia Carton

C’est l’histoire d’un bal, un grand bal

C'était hier le jeudi 5 juillet, l'avant-première du film "Le Grand Bal" de Lætitia Carton, dans le petit Luminor, cinéma coquet du Marais à Paris, suivie d'un bal folk organisé par Paris Bal Folk, et animé par Aurélien Clarambaux et Tony & The Sof. La séance affichait complet, et les
Raiz d'Aldeia 2017 - © João FotoJonic www.fotojonic.pt/

Raiz d’Aldeia, Festival de Arte & Cultura Tradicional

Since my first excursion in Portugal in 2015 for Forrò de Lisboa and Andancas, I can’t help myself to go back every year to try a new festival.  Portugal and especially Lisbon is beautiful, sunny and warm, and they know how to organise simple and joyful events full of friendly people. In
Julien Wieser Folkographie - Chatillon2014

Châtillon et merveilles : recette d’un succès

En France, dans le triangle perdu entre Grenoble, Gap et Valence, il y a un petit village médiéval perdu entre montagnes et vignobles. Le trajet pour y arriver n'est pas des plus facile, mais ce petit havre de verdure est envahi une fois l'an en mai, par des danseurs venus
Julien Wieser Folkographie - Chatillon2014

Châtillon in Dreamland : recipe for a success

France. May. There is an amazing folk festival lost in the mountains. Let's talk about music, dance, food, drinks, fancy costumes and hiking in the woods !

Why Cadansa is such a Dutch festival

Next october, a new edition of the fantastic bal folk festival Cadansa will take place in Duiven, The Netherlands. A quite big and magical event only Dutch could have invented. These past years, I have attended to several events in The Netherlands, from the regular bal to bal folk and
Prepare for festival Andancas

Prepare for festival Andancas

August 2015, after a short visit of Lisbon, I am on my way to an amazing dance festival in the mountains : Andancas. In the hotness of Portugal countryside lies a multidanse/multi activities festival lasting a week and full of hippie like people, ready to party. How to go there I

Festivals : Dance and visit Europe

I often take days off from work for long weekends. My colleagues are asking “what are you doing for the week end?” and the answer is often “on my way to dance in Belgium / Netherland / Portugal / England / Ireland/ somewhere lost in France”. Quite difficult for some