Dreamy Dancing

Let’s talk – in english – about couple dancing : bal folk, swing, tango or forrò !

The evening program after the barrel rolling contest consisted of dancing in the street (plenty of jitterbugging). Presque Isle, Maine

Women leading through History

Couple dances: but since when do women guide? Exploration of historical photographic collections in search of women leaders.
Photo : Samuel Lagneau - Marshmallow photo

10 good reasons to start bal folk

If you're looking for a dance activity with good music, huge variety and warm community, bal folk is for you !
Maksym Kaharlytskyi - Unsplash

How to be a committed dance teacher

What about questionning ourselves, for more benevolence and consent
As Queer As Folk - Chloé Sutter

Immersion in a feminist bal folk

Some feminist talks, workshops, dancing and glitters !
We can dance it

Which feminists fights in social dancing ?

An article about women's rights day and the feminists fights of social dancing
Le Grand Bal, un film de Laetitia Carton

It’s the story of a ball, a big ball

It was on July 5th, the preview of Lætitia Carton's movie Le Grand Bal, in the small Luminor, cosy movie theater in the Marais, historical neighborhood of Paris.
Matthew Henry - Unsplash

The Dansuality Concept

Is dance about sensuality and sex, or is there more ? What about the famous "flow" ?
Raiz d'Aldeia 2017 - © João FotoJonic www.fotojonic.pt/

Raiz d’Aldeia, Festival de Arte & Cultura Tradicional

Since my first excursion in Portugal in 2015 for Forrò de Lisboa and Andancas, I can’t help myself to go back every year to try a new festival.  Portugal and especially Lisbon is beautiful, sunny and warm, and they know how to organise simple and joyful events full of friendly people. In
Julien Wieser Folkographie - Chatillon2014

Châtillon in Dreamland : recipe for a success

France. May. There is an amazing folk festival lost in the mountains. Let's talk about music, dance, food, drinks, fancy costumes and hiking in the woods !
Photo - Samuel Lagneau Marshmallow Photographie - Réveillon Chatillon 2016

Switch leading and coguiding

For several months now, the video below went viral amongst dancers. The speakers, two professional dancers are explaining a concept existing for decades in social dancing but unusual / partly ignored / rarely put in words before : if you get rid of the gender roles of partner dancing, then
Marsinne - Photo : Samuel Lagneau

Mazurtango and romantic folk

A short summary of the birth of the bal folk mazurka dance, it's evolutions in bal folk festivals and the arrival of tango
Unsplash - Kyson Dana

Engage your body into the dance

When we talk about dancing, we come up with various subjects like social relations, fun, musicality, pulse, variations, spins, good or bad dancers, connection, leading, following… And from time to time, there is a person saying “dancing changed my way of holding myself and my confidence, made me think about
Flickr - Vladimir Pustovit

Why I want to try every dance

If you want to start something else but you don't know what, prepare yourself, I have A LOT of ideas. I started to dance 9 years ago and I couldn’t stop. I tried a lot of different dances, as a follower and as a leader, and even now when I
Unsplash - Jens Thekkeveettil

The amazing creativity of bal folk music

There is something truly amazing happening in bal folk dancing for several years now. People going to festivals across Europe, probably noticed the huge numbers of bal folk bands of superb quality. Lately, I felt really amazed by the richness and creativity in bal folk when it comes to music

Why Cadansa is such a Dutch festival

Next october, a new edition of the fantastic bal folk festival Cadansa will take place in Duiven, The Netherlands. A quite big and magical event only Dutch could have invented. These past years, I have attended to several events in The Netherlands, from the regular bal to bal folk and
Flickr - Ed Schipul

Why tango dancers always make such a long face

The question always end up when I pronounce the word « tango » in front of uninitiated persons « but why do tango dancers always make such a long face when they dance ? It is not a very friendly scene, isn’t it ? » I thought a lot about
Dana Jazmin Frigoli & Adrian Romeo Ferreyra

[Tango Video] Dana Frigoli & Adrian Ferreyra

As i spend too much time on youtube, i always find some amazing videos of people dancing. I'll try to explain what captivates me in that video. Let’s talk about one of my favourite tango video. Even if usually, i would prefer improvisation to routines, because it feels more natural and spontaneous, in
Andancas 2015

Prepare for festival Andancas

Bal folk festival Andancas (Portugal) is one of my best memory of a summer festival !

Festivals : Dance and visit Europe

What I do with my weekends ? Of course : dance festivals. But where ? why ? when ? Long story...