Organizers toolbox

Organizers tool box for caring dance communities

As a new year is starting, I decided to organise a small space on my blog for social dance’s organizers, where anyone can find inspiration, ideas and contacts for a better and more benevolent scene.

Of course we need dance activities, but we also need workshops, conferences, or any good idea in order to develop our communities in respect for each other and the environnement. It is sometimes a bit difficult to organise or find new ideas, and the experiences of others are usually helpful.

As I received several request of that nature, I decided to make a list of activities I find useful for any dance community, independently of the dance. I identified several axis that looks essential to me :

  • Culture and history of the dance
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Body Empowerment
  • Women visibility
  • Education and safer spaces
  • Engendered dancing, coguiding, connection
  • Environmental protection
  • Community développement and beginner friendly activities

If you organized a workshop, conference, or any activity in your local scene, and if you wish to share it with other people and dance communities, feel free to add your information and contact in the following form !

See the list and contribute

Thank you !