Dana Jazmin Frigoli & Adrian Romeo Ferreyra

[Tango Video] Dana Frigoli & Adrian Ferreyra

As i spend too much time on youtube, i always find some amazing videos of people dancing. I’ll try to explain what captivates me in that video.

Let’s talk about one of my favourite tango video. Even if usually, i would prefer improvisation to routines, because it feels more natural and spontaneous, in the following video i like everything : the quality of video, the B&W filter, Hugo Diaz’s music (which usually you love or you hate completely) which allows a lot of musicality. And the dancers… who, to my opinion, show a great image of tango : impressive technicity, beautiful and close embrace with a lot of complicity… THAT being the most important point : they dance together and share something and we just witness it. It’s not a show for the public to admire them, it’s a moment of sharing. And it’s beautiful.

The abrazo, sensuality and intimacy

Ok, it feels prepared, but it’s beautiful and smooth. You can feel they share something and the public isn’t there anymore. He-takes-her-in-his-arms, the gesture is powerful and comfy.

They are not dancing yet and still they are in a process of adjusting to each other and start interpreting the music.

They have fun

You can see they are focused on each other, and challenging. The whole video shows they actually have fun. That’s part of the musicality to play with rhythm and put some non technical fun stuff in your dance, and for leaders to let some space for your partner so she can add embellishments if she wishes.

Impressive steps

That’s the fancy side of the video. So, yes they have connection, fun, care for each other, musicality, intimacy, AND they ROCK.

The lady is pregnant, and jumping effortlessly on 10cm high heels. Respect.

I would like to add a small warning to that article. I want to remind to people that video, as impressive as it is, is a performance. It’s beautiful but it’s quite far from what people usually experience with social dancing. You can’t do some of these steps in social dancing, most of the time you don’t have the space. Show and social are two very different and wonderful things, so if you’re interested in tango i invite you to take a look in milongas to see what it really means.

To know more about Dana Frigoli http://dni-tango.com/dana-frigoli?lang=en