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3 beautiful and dreamy wedding dances

As i spend too much time on youtube looking for dances videos, i had a period looking for “first dances videos”. After a brave search in my awefully difficult quest of finding beautiful wedding dances, here is an example of 3 dances i find especially sweet and beautiful.

I still try to figure why on earth we force non dancing people getting married to put on a dancing show for their wedding. And because of time, fear and money, many people just learn a bit of a routine (which is perfectly fine in itself), trying to impress the crowd instead of having fun with each other. From a dancing perspective, i saw many people with poor skills, struggling desperately to impress their guests. I will not put them here, because i found as well many people enjoying themselves and i want to put them in light as an example of “normal people” dancing.

Is it too much ? Shhhh that's the face of love
Is it too much ? Shhhh that’s the face of love

What is (for me) a beautiful wedding dance

So to my opinion, a good wedding dance for me, has to be fun, entertaining and full of love. That’s it. No lifts, no dips, no aerials like in Dirty Dancing. Just simple, classy, with your loved one.

Anonymous tango

First, an anonymous tango. Definitely regular tango dancers, at least some years of practice to improvise and have fun. It’s sweet, smooth, classy and beautiful.

Blues Dancing with Justin & Renee

The choice of the music is perfect, “Dream a Little Dream” by the Mama’s & the Papa’s. The dance is smooth and cute, very romantic. For sure they are experimented dancers, but i think Blues Dancing is an excellent choice because it’s quite an easy dance and even non dancers can have a similar result quite fast (comparing to tango or other dances).

Zouk & Samba with Katiucia and Leandro

Usually i am not very fan of zouk i find “too sexy” (with the body waves and the hair thing) but these people made it simple and classy, and definitively romantic. The description indicates they are dance teachers, but they have good taste and kept it simple, making a dance about their love and not a show.