Dreamy Dancing

These past 10 years, dancing became very important in my life. I’ve decided to write about my experience as a social dancer. As a leader and a follower. As a local DJ. I am no teacher so my opinions or advices are only my own, as a fellow dancer to an other one.
Nothing less, nothing more.

8 décembre 2017

The Dansuality Concept

Matthew Henry - Unsplash

If you ever watched the TEDx video of Trevor Copp and Jeff FoxLiquid Lead, at the beginning of the conference they typed ballroom dancing in Google and pointed out […]

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6 février 2017

Switch leading and coguiding

Photo - Samuel Lagneau Marshmallow Photographie - Réveillon Chatillon 2016

For several months now, the video below went viral amongst dancers. The speakers, two professional dancers are explaining a concept existing for decades in social dancing but unusual / […]

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17 janvier 2017

Mazurtango and romantic folk

Marsinne - Photo : Samuel Lagneau

The band announced a mazurka. The room is filled with people looking desperately for a partner. « I always dance the first and the last mazurka with my girlfriend / […]

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23 novembre 2016

Engage your body into the dance

Unsplash - Kyson Dana

When we talk about dancing, we come up with various subjects like social relations, fun, musicality, pulse, variations, spins, good or bad dancers, connection, leading, following… And from time […]

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